Slyde Wedge Karma

The Karma is built to last using a patented, technically advanced manufacturing process. The lightweight and incredible buoyancy will get you far higher out the water, which reduces drag allowing for more control, speed and way longer rides than any other handboard on the market, no matter how experienced you are in the water.

      • Art for karma was lovingly hand drawn by the Very talented Filippo Fiumani
      • Built on the patented Slyde Wedge Shape, 2 years of development for the perfect all around handboard
      • PPX flak jacket high pressure laminate outer layer technology for insane added strength.
      • High-density Urethane Foam core for perfect combination of lightness and strength
      • Reinforced resin hardened rails to reduce rail damage
      • Slyde patent pending embedded "never come out" screw strap inserts.
      • Extra safe Go-pro mount insert comes standard, for endless selfies

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