Slyde Bula Enoka Drip

THE BULA DRIP. Born at panics and brought up on meals of fast powerful shore break. The drip is the infamous Bula shape, the most advanced and performance driven handboard on the market, designed and tested by the best Hawaiian handboarders and shaped by the legendary Kaha Nalu Hawaii founder, Sean Enok

The Slyde Bula Drip is designed and built to last, using a patented, technically advanced manufacturing process. The concave literally will stick to the face of a pitching wave and will allow you to put all of your weight on it was you are dropping in, and a simple turn of the wrist changes your direction. All of this combined is what the Panics style of riding is all about, stalling high to save your speed and then dropping in a second time on the wave to make the end section.

    • Built on the Slyde Bula Shape, years of development for the perfect shore break handboard
    • High-density Urethane Foam core for a perfect combination of lightness and strength.
    • PPX flak jacket high pressure laminate outer layer technology for insane added strength.
    • Slyde patent pending Embedded "never come out" screw strap inserts.
    • Extra safe GoPro mount insert comes standard, for endless selfies.
    • Inserted leash plug, never lose your board again.

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