Garage Handplanes - Riva Onyx Series

Inspired by the classic Italian speedboats, the Riva is a thing of beauty. It's the tuxedo in the line up. It works equally well in a gnarly 10 foot line up as it does hanging on an art gallery wall.

The Riva Onyx is that rare beast that is able to blend both form and function.  The stunning carbon fibre, fibreglass and epoxy resin covers a light-weight EPS core.

  • It has a slightly broadened nose to assist with planning and wall drops, with a small amount of rocker.  The hull leads into a flat transition area for speed, then moving into a deep concave region towards the tail.  The concave area serves two main purposes: (a) to increase the overall planning area, and hence generate more lift and speed, and (b) generate more drive and directional control

    • A wide comfortable handstrap with neoprene pad to protect your hand. The strap is easily adjustable in the water with one hand.
    • Garage handplanes designed and made their own handstrap plugs so there is no compromise. These strap mounts are specifically designed for handplanes.
    • Comfortable wrist leash that integrates with the handstrap mounts
    • GoPro plug on the nose,
    • A single FCS plug on the hull for a fin (fin not included)
    • The shape is the result of countless hours of experimentation over the last 4 years. This board is an optimal size (not too big, not too small) and is easy to swim with. The shape reduces face splash, and planes beautifully.

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