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Introducing the Funguy.

If recycling old surf boards into bodysurfing instruments of stoke was about fixing the past. Then the Funguy is about looking forward, to a sustainable future where we don't depend on the materials of yesterday.

The brain child of those same crazy guys from Enjoy Handplanes, the Funguy is shaped from an organic blank that is made from re-purposing agriculture waste like corn stalks and hemp which is then grown together with live mushroom. The end result is pressure cooked at 300 degrees into a workable blank.

Each handplane is then lovingly hand shaped and custom glassed with Entropy Bio Epoxy into the most eco friendly and sustainable bodysurfing handplane in the world.

Good for the you and good for the planet. Enjoy yourself!

  • Tail



    12" x 7"

    Skill Level

    • Adult: Intermediate to Advanced.
    • Youth: Beginner to Advanced

    Body Size


    Wave size

    2ft +


    Smaller size equals quicker swim, easier punch out the back and less strain on your arm and shoulder. The better you get the more you'll like this one.


    Recycled agricultural waste baked in mushrooms,. Entropy Bio Derived VOC free Epoxy Resin. Upcycled neoprene from used wetsuits.

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