Spearfishing Wetsuit Review Criteria

Here is the criteria and method by which we review and rate spearfishing wetsuits.

Review Criteria

Warmth Comfort Function Durability
If you ain't warm - then you are cold and being cold cuts down your dive ability and duration drastically. A good wetsuit will fit like a comfortable yet flexible glove that doesn't hinder apnea or motion.  Camouflage and features. Do you blend in like a chameleon with a swiss army knife or standout like no frills disney. Should a mere urchin be avoided or can you go complete cray cray in the rocks with impunity to the suit.


How warm is it? is there any flushing or issue with seams that would impact keeping you insulated? Does it protect you from the wind? What features assist or detract in keeping you warm.


How tight is the suit? What is the range of motion - is it free or constrictive? Is the sizing right? What helps or detracts from this when in use. Is there chafing or other irritation?


Camouflage effectiveness, cut of the suit and overall look. What other value add features are present such as elbow, knee and chest protection. Do the extra features add or detract from the suit.


Does the construction feel solid? are the internal seams blind stitched and glued or exposed? is the base material rugged? signs of wear in usage period that would indicate a design or material fault.


Does the suit fit its purpose and what was the overall impression of the suit itself.

Overall rating to out of 10 is average of the other inputs including price

Warmth - Scoring

Feel relative to thickness 4, internal neoprene 2, seam performance 4 (glued, blind stitched, sealed, taped), trickle/flushing -1 (negative from total per each issue. -3 for serious flaws that would result in warranty issues)

Comfort - Scoring

Fit 4, internal neoprene 2, flexibility 4, discomfort issues -1 (negative from total per each issue. -3 for serious flaws that would result in warranty issues)

Function - Scoring

Camo/stealth out of 2, overall look out of 2, features out of 6 (loading pad, knee pads, elbow pads, 3 extras for additional options)

Durability - Scoring

materials out of 5, construction out of 5, wear out of -5 (negative from total. Dependent on test duration)

Price - Ranges

1-3 ( expensive in its class), 4-6 (mid range), 7-10 (cheap to ridiculous value)