The cost of Epicness

August 05, 2015 0 Comments

The cost of Epicness

Like everyone I was taken by the Robbie Maddison clip that clogged every social media stream and news site, reposts, retweets and shares over the last couple of days – I even tried altering my 5yr old sons BMX with some fins and handplanes (but that’s another story).

I watched the video in awe, here is a guy screaming across the majestic Tahitian coast on a motor bike on the water…….. how is this possible! and then wait a minute lets catch/ride a wave. I watched the clip a couple of times and then started to think, is this a game changer? Has Robbie Maddison just created a whole new sport, surfx cross, or a whole new water vehicle that salty humans need to contest with. Everyone knows the frustration when a jet ski is sitting out the back causing havoc with a clean swell, just image the Blat Blat of a two stroke tearing up lines.

Robbie Madison Tahiti Dirtbike
Pic from Pipe Dream Video: DC Shoes

As a bodysurfer I then started to personalize it, have the rudder dicks moved further down the priority chain and are we still in front of goat boats (just kidding goat boaters).

Having ridden dirt and street bikes I then started thinking about the environmental impacts of a 2 stroke dirt bike dropping fuel and oil in such a wonderful location and the interview with Robbie where he outlined it took two years of testing the ski/bike setup & physical injuries (broken bones and concussions) but was taken back when it mentioned that 40 bikes were sunk in the process of testing for this ride.  Whilst I’m sure there is no new KTM reef being constructed I have to ask how much fuel/oil and other pollutants were was dumped in the Tahitian waters?

Talks are now that Robbie would like to get barrelled on the bike if the funding is there.

Perhaps in the pursuit of epicness thats not the only cost.

Dan Carr

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