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There is nothing like a weekend away from the daily distraction to provide some quiet and not so quiet opportunities for introspection and reconnection.

Always being plugged in to friends, social media and our phones has its benefits. In between the cute dog pics, memes, random food shots, social marketing and click bait news lines, there is a world of actual useful stuff. If you are bothered to look for it that is.

In some ways we have all become addicted to information no matter how arbitrary. Its become a case of the more you consume, the more you need. I sometimes get the feeling that when filling up on all this information, that there is precious little space for your own thoughts and you can lose yourself in the torrent so to speak.

So heading out to a place where there is no mobile signal is quite a daunting and heady feeling. While its hard to describe the Treachery campsite at Seal Rocks as roughing it. I seriously glamp (glamour camp) nowadays. It does provide that most basic of services – disconnection.

When the signal drops, the music stops and the battery fails we are left only to ourselves. This is how I found myself after setting up camp on Friday. While waiting around the fire for another humans arrival, I could finally hear myself think and more importantly I listened.

Listened while I told myself that I had been sprinting for too long.  That I needed to slow down, take a breath and enjoy the things that matter and stop putting so much energy into things that didn’t.

Sometimes all it takes is acknowledgment and sitting there in the stripped back silence of night with its dancing flame – I could finally breathe out and with it begin to unwind.

Offroad Truck in the rain

With the rest of the bodysurfing crew arriving late Friday and early Saturday the focal point changed and volume went up. Ironically, we all interact daily through the social media mediums Instagram and Whatsapp. Its our way to follow and keep in contact about bodysurfing and the very reason we were in Seal Rocks in the first place. None of that would be needed this weekend.

Sunlit bodysurfing paddle

The waves were small but we did our damnedest to catch as many as possible. In between, just floating around in the clear and warm(ish) water talking about bodysurfing techniques and hand planes. Easy going stuff. Two sessions later, salty and tired, we retreated back to the camp site to socialise in the time honoured way of our ancestors, with beer and a roaring fire. Fire, the original Instagram. Tales were swapped, laughter shared, new nick names declared and hangovers earned. It was a great weekend with guys who were awesome value..

In the end, Huey didn’t really deliver but the opportunity to slip off the grid, re-centre and connect with nature and the person behind the persona was priceless.

There was that breath again.

Russel P
Has spent over 30 years of his middle aged life trying to spend more time in the ocean. Likes to surf, bodysurf, free dive and pretend he enjoys chasing big waves.

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