DaFiN or Kicks

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DaFiN or Kicks

DaFiN or Kicks?

One of the most frequent questions you will hear.

I have both and in multiple colors actually. Some days I feel like I have more fins then shoes! But we do live on the beach so that’s understandable

Up until recently I would say that I used Dafin 80% of the time compared to Kicks. They do have a bigger blade and surface area, so they allow you to swim faster and with more power than Kicks. Which is exactly what you want if you are bodysurfing. I used to bodysurf a lot and once you get into it, it’s just incredible. Always fun, never disappointing and so good for your fitness. But you know, life is fun and full of changes and now I don’t get to bodysurf that often. Not that I don’t want to…but apparently being slammed into sand bank on the shore break isn’t that good for a baby. (yes I am going to be a mama!) So when I realized that this fun activity is over for a few months, I just started to swim.

On a recent trip to the USA and Hawaii (homeland of these great fins) I took my Kicks and remembered instantly why I got them in the first place. They feel a bit lighter, have the same comfortable pocket as the DaFiN Pros and are absolutely awesome! I truly fell in love again with them while swimming around with the turtles on the most beautiful beaches… It also doesn’t hurt that they come in awesome new colours every year (see shoes comment). So if you don’t need to be very fast and you are going for a snorkel or a swim session…. Give them a go. Still plenty of power with each kick and so light you don’t even feel them on.

It says alot, that in Hawaii there were probably more guys wearing Kicks then DaFiNs when bodyboarding in the most crazy shore breaks like Sandy’s. Mental stuff!I Also noticed that pretty much all of the guys were wearing fin savers because the pure power of the ocean was just ripping everything apart – shorts, shirts, hair, cameras, fins (at least they float!) and I am pretty sure a few dreams too. The guys were absolutely charging in their Kicks. The shorter blade is great for a drop knee and easier to run away in when caught stranded on the shore! The odds would not be good in longer fins thats for sure.

DaFiNs or Kicks? Both are great for different reasons but you will not be disappointed by either. They are not used by the best watermen on this planet for no reason.

Kicks Swimfins



  • Larger blade
  • More propulsion
  • Heavier
  • Less Colours
  • Smaller blade
  • Less propulsion
  • Lighter
  • More colours

Ala T

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